Friends of South Park-Allegheny County Parks
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Meet Peg Bittner - Friend of South Park - Spring 2017

The Friends of South Park are proud to honor Peg as “Friend of Spring 2017."

Peg Bittner has served as Assistant Secretary for the Friends of South Park – Allegheny County Parks, for the past six years.   Along with a member of County Council, she co-authored the mission statement for the Friends of South Park and has been a member of the Friends since its beginning.  

She is a life-long resident of South Park and as such she has witnessed many changes in our township.  Peg treasures the history of the park and is always at the ready to do research regarding its past. Many of the old photos of the park on our website were supplied by Peg from her personal collection.  In addition, Peg designed and coordinated the procurement of the Friends of South Park t-shirts that we have sold during our fundraisers and has also overseen the purchase of our banner.  

Peg is always available to help volunteer at any and all activities the Friends are involved in.  She's “adopted” a portion of Stoltz Road as part of the “Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful” project.  

Peg feels that the park is a major asset to our community and wants to preserve it for future generations. We appreciate all that she has done and will continue to do to for our park and community.

Thank you for all you do Peg.  Congratulations from the Friends!

Last Updated 03/17/2017